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    Our philosophy is no matter which device your guests bring; your services should be available to all. Whether it is an iOS, Android or Window device, Mosino works great regardless of the platform and form factor. This is the only way to ensure a great guest experience. We also provide web interface to make sure even if a guest doesn’t have Mosino native app, Mosino is available to all.

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    Language barriers are a common problem experienced by international travellers. That’s why our system is built from the ground up to support multiple languages, including Latin-Based and Non-Latin-Based ones such as Arabic and Chinese. New languages can also be added by request based on your guests’ needs

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    Mosino is a secure cloud-based solution that provides seamless and high-quality guest experiences. While your guests travel across multiple devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptop computers, Mosino will take you with them by syncing all content automatically. Imagine your guests start watching a movie or place a room service order from the TV in their room and then decide to finish the movie or track their order poolside from their smartphone. With Mosino, it can be that simple!